Thursday, May 17, 2018

What are we doing down here?

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My research over the past several years has uncovered overwhelming evidence that virtually all of the world's ancient myths, scriptures, and sacred stories are based on celestial metaphor -- and that they are using a common system of celestial metaphor which makes all of the world's myths related to one another.

It would be a serious mistake, however, to conclude that because the ancient myths -- from virtually every culture -- are based upon celestial metaphor they are somehow "not true" or that they represent "primitive" or "pre-scientific" time-tracking almanacs for keeping track of the calendar or for knowing when to plant and harvest crops or even for giving reverence to the forces of nature upon which all life on earth is dependent (such as the sun and the rain and the seasons and the soil). 

All of those functions (tracking the months and years, and planting and harvest, and giving reverence to the gifts from the sun and the earth and the rain) are of course vitally important -- and on one level the ancient myths and sacred traditions perform all of those functions. But they probably would not need the level of metaphor that they exhibit in order to perform those functions -- and I believe that they operate on many levels at the same time, such that they can do all of those things and much more.

I am convinced that the ancient myths given to humanity remain profoundly important to our lives, even if we have other ways of tracking the months, for example. As I have explained previously in many other places on this blog and in published books and videos, I am convinced that one of the reasons that the ancient myths employ their amazing esoteric celestial metaphor is that they are picturing for us the truths of an Invisible Realm which we cannot see, but which is very real -- a realm of spirit, a realm of the gods -- and that the stars in their motions depict for us the interplay between spirit and matter, soaring across the sky but also plunging down into the sea or into the earth, and toiling for a time through the "lower realm" before they pop back up on the eastern horizon and soar into the infinite heavens once again.

In doing so, they are picturing for us the experience of each and every human soul. Here in this incarnate life, we are toiling through that same "lower realm" of matter -- and yet the myths and scriptures point us towards the truth that the material realm is not all there is, and that it is in fact intertwined with and interpenetrated by the Other Realm at every point.

We ourselves, and everyone we will ever meet, are also intertwined with that Invisible Realm at all times, even as we are also enmeshed in the physical, material, visible realm. And, one of the messages of the world's Star Myths would clearly seem to be that when we disappear from this realm, we enter again that Invisible Realm from whence we came into this incarnate life, as well as the possibility that we have done that before, and that from that Other Realm we may again return to this one, even as the stars can be seen to cycle in between the two domains in their nightly motions and in their annual motions as well.

Thus, I am convinced that the ancient myths and scriptures have crucially important things to teach us about what we are doing here in this incarnate life, and answers to guide us during this journey. I will not presume to speak for them by declaring definitively what those messages might be -- I believe it is far better for each of us to consult the ancient wisdom itself, and that the ancient myths and stories, of any of the world's incredible tapestry of cultures and places, will richly reward any effort made to delve into their timeless wisdom.

Having said that, I can offer a few general concepts that the ancient myths appear to be putting forth, regarding our journey through this simultaneously material and spiritual realm in which we find ourselves. These are just a few thoughts -- the ancient wisdom has much deeper teachings to offer and again should be consulted directly -- and they are obviously subject to the limitations of my own experience and capabilities and thus should not be considered in any way definitive or authoritative, but having spent some years exploring the myths and sacred stories of many different cultures and traditions, a few broad outlines do seem to suggest themselves and might be helpful to consider.

First, it seems to make sense to suggest that, if the ancient myths depict the heavenly cycles and the "plunging down" and "soaring aloft" of the heavenly actors, which point us towards the endless unfolding and refolding of the "myriad things" out of the Infinite Realm and back into it again, over and over, then our sojourn through the material realm, in a physical body, must be for the purpose of interaction with matter itself. In other words, it seems to be that there are lessons to learn or experiences to encounter which cannot be learned in the realm of pure spirit, which involve matter and the interaction with the material world.

There are certainly numerous myths or scriptural passages which seem to support this general conclusion, including the passage in the first epistle of Peter which declares that the mystery of the incarnation is something into which even the angels (beings of spirit and not of matter) desire to look into (1 Peter 1: 12), but also the many myths from cultures around the world involving "twinning," in which a divine twin is paired with a mortal twin (such as in the myth of Polydeuces or Pollux and his mortal brother Castor, in ancient Greece, or in the story of Gilgamesh who is two-thirds divine and who must be given a companion who is wild, a child of nature -- Enkidu -- in order to work together to complete various missions and quests).

Thus, I believe that our engagement with matter in this world is part of the reason why we are here, and that we are participating in a very important mission or purpose when we engage in all kinds of actions or pursuits which involve interaction with the physical material of the universe -- whether performing tasks of engineering such as building a bridge or designing a heart-valve, or pursuing excellence in sports such as making a jump-shot in basketball or a slap-shot in hockey, or practicing disciplines such as Yoga and the martial arts, or playing an instrument or singing or cultivating a garden or harvesting a crop or cleaning a floor or preparing a meal or any of an endless number of examples which could be offered. 

Running through the world's myths and ancient texts, however, we also encounter the idea of the elevation of matter and the material -- Enkidu, for example, must transcend his original condition and become something different because of his interaction with Gilgamesh. The "divine twin" helps to elevate and uplift the "mortal twin" -- just as Castor is rescued from the underworld by his brother Pollux. 

Thus, one of the dominant themes we see running through the myths and scriptures of many cultures is the idea of blessing and not cursing. In many previous explorations of this subject, I have voiced the opinion that the idea of "blessing" involves the elevation of the spirit in oneself and in others and in the world around us, the assertion of the truth that there is more to ourselves and everyone we meet than simply our physical or material form, and the integration of that spiritual nature in order to elevate the physical and transform it into something that is more than material alone -- while "cursing" generally involves the suppression or denial of the spiritual, the attempt to reduce ourselves or others to that which is only material and physical, debasement rather than uplift.

The presence of this theme throughout the world's myths and scriptures is undeniable and abundant. We see it in passages of ancient scriptures which exhort us to bless and "curse not" (such as in Romans 12: 14) but also in stories such as the episode in which Noah becomes drunk and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth react to his situation very differently (see this video discussion, for example), or the story of the "blessing mother and the cursing mother" in the episode known as the Judgment of Solomon (see here and here), or in the Greek myths where the denial of the primacy of the gods and the divine realm always results in disaster.

Additionally, as readers of some of my books such as Star Myths of the World, Volume Two might be aware, some of the ancient epics (such as the Odyssey, one of my personal favorites) appear to demonstrate through the "motion" of the epic through the stars of the heavens this same concept of the importance of the elevation of the spirit as being central to our mission during this "arduous journey" through the lower realm (the realm of Poseidon, for Odysseus in that work -- and we see that Noah and Atrahasis are also require to pass through a similar watery flood).

Thus, as we all probably realize intuitively, while working to gain skill at engineering or martial arts or surfing or rock climbing or agriculture or music or sculpting or are all valuable, we would be very disappointed if we met someone who demonstrated great mastery in any of those but who was constantly "cursing" and treating others with demeaning words and actions. We instinctively expect great accomplishment in these kinds of endeavors should (and usually does) make men and women more likely to be uplifting and elevating in their words and actions. And, even if we ourselves have not reached such levels of accomplishment, we can try to act and speak in ways that are uplifting and positive and accord others the dignity and respect that they deserve, even as we continue to work on our own skillful interaction with the material universe in our own engineering projects, or artistic pursuits, or Yoga practices.

We can conclude from this emphasis on blessing versus cursing that one of most important things we should be doing as we travel through this incarnate life involves acting and speaking in ways that uplift ourselves and others -- as well as opposing oppression and violence and impoverishment and everything which tends to brutalize or debase or demean others or deny the divine spark which is present in every man, woman or child no matter where they are or where they come from.

These general concepts seem to be important aspects of what we are doing "down here," according to my reading of what the world's ancient wisdom is trying to tell us. Perhaps these general thoughts will be helpful to you in your own exploration of the riches of the world's ancient myths and scriptures, and in your own contemplation of our purpose in descending from the spiritual realm into this one -- bridging spirit and matter. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An ancient inversion and its modern consequences

The heavenly city can be seen in the section of sky shown above. Image:

Virtually every story in the ancient scriptures that we call the Bible can be shown to be based upon celestial metaphor.

The stories do not describe literal, terrestrial history. The events described in these ancient texts take place in the heavens above -- and can be seen there to this very day. 

When we look into the heavens, we are gazing into infinity. Therefore, it is quite appropriate that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories use the motions of the stars and the heavenly realms to give visual form to truths regarding the Infinite Realm. 

This Infinite Realm -- the Invisible Realm, the Other World, the realm of spirit, the realm of the gods -- is very real. It is in fact the source and fountain of everything we see here in this seemingly material realm which we traverse during this incarnate life. The ancient text of the Tao Te Ching, for instance, describes the unfolding of the "myriad things" (or the "myriad creatures," or "myriad forms") in the section traditionally numbered as the first section: 
The ways that can be walked are not the eternal Way;
The names that can be named are not the eternal name.
The nameless is the origin of the myriad creatures;
The named is the mother of the myriad creatures.
(Translation by Victor H. Mair, page 59).

Similarly, in Black Elk Speaks, the Lakota Holy Man Hehaka Sapa (Black Elk) says that the spirit realm is the source and origin of everything we see in this realm. When Black Elk's father, who was cousins with the father of the famous warrior and leader Tashunke Witko (Crazy Horse), explained the vision of Crazy Horse, he told Black Elk that:
Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world.
This is very similar to the worldview found in the Tao Te Ching, in which the myriad forms or myriad things we see in this world arise out of the infinite realm, which cannot even be expressed or contained within a name.

Similarly, in the text known as the epistle of Paul to the Galatians, the author describes Abraham's two sons, one by a bondmaid and one by a freewoman, and then states directly and plainly: "Which things are an allegory" (in other words, declaring that these stories and characters are allegorical -- Galatians 4: 24).

He then goes on to explain that there is a Jerusalem which is above, in Galatians 4: 26, where he writes:
But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.
I would argue that this verse is expressing an identical teaching to that proclaimed in the Tao Te Ching and in the sacred traditions preserved in the record of Black Elk's words: we all unfold into this world from the Infinite Realm, which is pictured for us in the infinite heavens, and which is made comprehensible to us in the sacred myths which use the heavens to convey to us the reality of that Infinite Realm (which is invisible and cannot be seen with our physical sight). 

This realm is "the mother of us all." Everything and everyone in this material realm has its origin and genesis in that Infinite Realm.

Those ancient Biblical texts do not have to do with a terrestrial landscape. All of the episodes in those ancient scriptures can be shown to take place in the heavens. They picture for us spiritual truths -- one of the most fundamental of which being the truth that everything and everyone in this material realm is in fact connected to that spiritual realm which is our fount and origin, "the mother of us all." It should be obvious that this truth connects all of us to one another as well, and teaches us that we must recognize that each and every person we meet is a spiritual being and not merely a physical being -- and that to debase or degrade another, and to deny that they are anything more than their physical being, is a lie. 

It is a denial of a fundamental truth -- and when we deny that someone else is connected to and originated in the spiritual realm, we are (consciously or not) denying the truth which  also informs our own connection to that realm, and the truth that we ourselves are more than just our physical being (a truth which we all know deep inside, no matter how much others try to convince us otherwise).

To use those very scriptures to try to falsely excuse or justify the taking away of the innate rights of others is thus a gross inversion of the actual teaching of those ancient texts and their ancient wisdom. To use them to try to falsely excuse or justify the taking away of the innate rights of others based on their ethnicity or outward physical form is obviously an even more heinous inversion of those ancient texts and their ancient wisdom. 

The ancient texts are not describing literal lines of descent from a "bondmaid" and a "freewoman" -- as Galatians 4: 24 tells us quite plainly, "these things are an allegory -- they are allegorical."

Likewise, they are describing a Jerusalem which is above. To use those texts to try to justify the denial of the rights of men and women here in the terrestrial sphere is a misappropriation of those texts and their teachings. Like the texts of the Tao Te Ching, they are describing the endless unfolding of spirit into this realm and its folding back into spirit again from matter, and folding and unfolding again and again in a constant interplay. 

Tragically, the texts of the ancient scriptures we call the Bible were deliberately re-interpreted as being primarily literal during a crucial watershed in history, probably about 1700 years ago -- despite the overwhelming evidence that they are actually esoteric celestial metaphor, as are virtually all of the other ancient myths and sacred traditions around the world. When that happened, their teachings were  inverted -- an inversion which led to centuries of oppression and the violation of the rights of men and women on a horrific scale.

Literalistic mis-interpretation continues to be employed in an attempt to falsely "justify" terrible injustice, right up to this very moment. Until it is realized that what is taking place today is a direct continuation of that deliberate inversion, the roots of the present trauma will not be properly understood.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Astrotheology against Mind Control

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As discussed in the previous post (and video), I am convinced that overwhelming evidence demonstrates that the world's ancient myths and scriptures were designed to uplift, to empower, and to enlighten -- but that when these same ancient myths and scriptures have been forced into a literalistic interpretation, history shows that their message is often inverted and used to down-press instead of uplift, to enslave instead of to empower, and to benight instead of to enlighten.

Many examples could be offered to prove beyond debate that the literalistic mis-interpretation of the world's precious ancient myths and scriptures has often been used in previous centuries to try to falsely "justify" or "excuse" the oppression and degradation of other men and women through various forms of racism, feudalism, colonialism, and imperialism -- and that literalistic mis-interpretation continues to play that role to this very day.

I personally believe that men and women naturally and innately know that oppression and degradation of other men and women is wrong -- which is why various forms of powerful conditioning, including propaganda and (very often) arguments which attempt to use literalistic mis-interpretations of ancient myths and scriptures, will almost always be employed in support of unjust violation of the rights of other men and women, as a way of "numbing" the conscience and judgement of those who might otherwise voice their outrage at such injustices.

For example, most people are aware of the employment of the concept of "Manifest Destiny," which was used to falsely "excuse" or "justify" actions which actually cannot be justified: the deliberate slaughter of millions of Native American men, women and children, the systematic attempt to eradicate their culture and way of life, the seizure of the land and natural resources given to them by the gods (or, if you prefer, by nature and the universe itself), and their subsequent impoverishment which was (and in many ways continues to be) falsely "excused" or "justified" with arguments based on racism. The phrase "Manifest Destiny" itself clearly indicates that an appeal to a specific interpretation (or, rather, mis-interpretation) of ancient scripture played an absolutely central role in the campaign to keep the populace at large from waking up to the injustices and outright atrocities they were enabling and supporting.

History also shows that the same appeal to "Manifest Destiny" did not end at the coastlines of the North American continent but continued across the Pacific Ocean, and that this same mis-interpretation of ancient scriptures was used to falsely justify similar slaughter, eradication of culture, seizure of land and resources, and impoverishment of survivors in the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippine Islands right into the twentieth century. And similar arguments were used to support the inexcusable institution of slavery and (after the abolition of slavery) of institutionalized forms of racism throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, and right up into the twenty-first.

The role of "religion" in keeping men and women from perceiving and then standing up against the perpetration of such injustices should not be underestimated. I would suggest that the institutions we refer to when we use the term "religion" are almost invariably based upon literalistic mis-interpretation of ancient myths or (more commonly) scriptures, and that a clear distinction should be maintained between these "religions" and the ancient myths or scriptures themselves. To the extent that religion provides a way of falsely "excusing away" or falsely "justifying" the violation of the innate rights of other men and women, it serves as a form of propaganda or mind control, and an inversion of the actual purpose of the world's ancient wisdom, which is properly to uplift, empower and enlighten.

While many may not perceive it to be a religion, or consider it to be as dangerous in this regard as religions which in previous centuries (and up to the present day) have been used to promote or to excuse oppression, feudalism, colonialism, or imperialism, I would also suggest that the modern-day "UFO religion" can in some cases be shown to be built upon a very explicit literalistic interpretation (or, rather, mis-interpretation) of ancient scriptures, and that because of this literalistic mis-interpretation, it too invites the inversion of the message of the world's ancient wisdom. For this reason, the literalistic mis-interpretations of ancient scripture upon which much of the modern-day "UFO religion" has its foundation should be challenged, because they can be shown to be false.

I personally do not deny the possibility of extra-terrestrial life in our universe, or the possibility of extra-terrestrial craft -- although I do not insist on these as certainties, either, or make their existence a point of faith or a test of whether or not I am willing to converse with someone or listen to what he or she has to say. What I am talking about here is not the possibility of extra-terrestrial life but rather the dogmatic insistence that ancient myth describes literal ancient alien visitors to this planet, who created humanity to be their servants -- a storyline which has grown into an entire religion of its own, and one whose teachings are by now fairly familiar to most people who have a television or an internet connection.

The tenets of this "ancient alien" or "ancient astronaut" religion were popularized most widely successfully, perhaps, by the writings of Zecharia Sitchin (1920 - 2010). Although he was not the first to propagate the idea that the ancient myths were describing ancient extraterrestrial visitors, he was certainly the most well-known and most prolific proselytizer of this interpretation of the ancient texts. He based most of his interpretations of the Hebrew Scriptures (aka the "Old" Testament), and of the myths of ancient Mesopotamia (including Sumer, Babylon, and Akkad). 

Here is a sample of the kind of declarative proclamation which characterizes Sitchin's writings about ancient myth, from the prologue to his first book, The 12th Planet (1976):
Using the Old Testament as our anchor, and submitting as evidence nothing but the texts, drawings, and artifacts left us by the ancient peoples of the Near East, we will go beyond the intriguing questions and the provocative suggestions. We will prove that Earth was indeed visited in its past by astronauts from another planet. 
We will identify the planet from which these astronauts came.
We will decipher a sophisticated ancient cosmology that explains better than our present sciences how Earth and other parts of the solar system came into being.
We will lay bare ancient reports of a celestial collision, as a result of which an intruding planet was captured into the Sun's orbit and show that all the ancient religions were based on the knowledge and veneration of this twelfth member of our solar system.
We will prove that this Twelfth Planet was the home planet of the ancient visitors to Earth.
We will submit texts and celestial maps dealing with the space flights to Earth, and will establish when and why they came to Earth.
We will describe them, and show how they looked and dressed and ate, glimpse their craft and weapons, follow their activities upon Earth, their loves and jealousies, achievements and struggles. We will unravel the secret of their "immortality." 
We will trace the dramatic events which led to the "Creation" of Man, and show the advanced methods by which this was accomplished. We will then follow the tangled relationship of Man and his deities, and throw light on the true meaning of the events passed to us in the tales of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the Deluge, the rise of civilization, the three branches of Mankind. We will show how Man -- endowed by his makers biologically and materially -- ended up crowding his gods off Earth. 8 - 9.
If you read through this first book and the several more which followed it, you will see that Sitchin interprets the stories in the Bible and the myths of ancient Mesopotamia as literal descriptions of technologically advanced aliens from a "twelfth planet," who arrive on earth using "rocketships" in order to obtain gold which is needed to support the atmosphere on their home planet (an idea perhaps inspired by the "Mars books" of Edgar Rice Burroughs, in which the atmosphere of Barsoom is generated by an atmosphere machine that must be maintained at all costs, or else all life on the planet will perish). These aliens from the twelfth planet mine the gold themselves for a while, but tiring of that, they create mankind using genetic engineering in order to do the work instead.

As we will see, the idea that the various families of humanity were created by alien visitors was put forward long before the publication by Sitchin in 1976 of his first book in the "Earth Chronicles" series -- and has a long history of racist application, going back to the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth. Indeed, we can see from just the small portion of Sitchin's writings quoted above that he adopted the literalistic doctrine of the "three branches of Mankind" which was used to falsely "justify" outright racism for centuries against men and women supposedly descended from the family of Ham. For more on the literalistic mis-interpretation of the story of Shem, Ham and Japheth in the book of Genesis, and the way this literalistic mis-interpretation was used to falsely "justify" institutionalized racism for centuries, see this previous post, as well as this more recent post and video.

Elsewhere, Sitchin takes a predictably literalistic interpretation of the story of Cain and Abel and speculates that the "mark of Cain" described in Genesis 4: 15 might apply to Native Americans. On pages 30 and 31 of his book Divine Encounters (1995), Sitchin proposes that the "mark of Cain" was a genetic modification inflicted by the supposed astronaut-visitors of the twelfth planet upon the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, saying:
Our own guess (in The Lost Realms) was that the mark might have been a genetic change, such as depriving the line of Cain of facial hair -- a mark that would be immediately obvious to whoever shall find them. Since this is a mark of recognition of Amerindians, we have suggested that since Cain "went away from the presence of Yahweh and resided in the Land of Nod, east of Eden," his wanderings took him and his offspring farther into Asia and the Far East, in time crossing the Pacific to settle in Mesoamerica.
These sorts of literalistic interpretations of stories such as the Cain and Abel story or the Shem, Ham and Japheth story have been wrongly used for centuries in extremely racist ways -- to argue that those who are supposedly descended from "cursed" characters in a mythical story (such as Cain and Ham) can be justly deprived of their rights -- or even their lives -- by those supposedly descended from different characters.

Just as I provide abundant evidence that the brothers Shem, Ham and Japheth are based upon specific constellations in the night sky (as is their father, Noah), I also provide convincing evidence that Cain and Abel can be shown to be based upon specific constellations as well, in my 2016 book Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them, Volume Three (Star Myths of the Bible). The story thus cannot be interpreted as describing various groups of humanity who are physically descended from either Cain or Abel (since the constellations themselves are made up of stars which are incredibly far apart from one another in three-dimensional space, and thus no one can be descended from any constellation), but can -- like all the other ancient myths entrusted to our distant ancestors -- be interpreted as teaching profound spiritual truths which apply to each and every one of us, regardless of our physical characteristics.

Indeed, it should be readily apparent to anyone who takes time to think about it that the "ancient aliens" narrative propagated by Sitchin (and turned into its own kind of "religion" in subsequent decades) invites racist interpretations, by implying that certain groups have "more" or "less" of the genetic material of the godlike visitors from the twelfth planet.

Fortunately, the literalistic mis-interpretations of ancient myths and scriptures propagated by Zecharia Sitchin and his followers can be definitively proven to be completely incorrect and untenable.

Dr. Michael Heiser, a scholar of ancient Semitic languages, whose main website is here, has provided extensive evidence demonstrating that Sitchin's supposed translations and interpretations of ancient Mesopotamian texts are not only wrong but in some cases completely fabricated and lacking in any textual support whatsoever (see his numerous arguments here and in his videos and podcast appearances, in which he explains how to use modern text-searching capabilities to peruse the corpus of ancient near-eastern texts for yourself).

In addition to the textual arguments put forward by Dr. Heiser, however, I would argue that we can also see that Sitchin's interpretations are based on literal readings of texts which can be conclusively shown to be describing constellations and heavenly cycles, and not literal figures whose actions took place in terrestrial history.

For example, the story of the creation of Adam and Eve, which Sitchin discusses at great length, arguing that it represents a literal description of creating "test tube babies" (as Sitchin says using those exact words on page 14 of Divine Encounters) can be shown to be describing the constellations Virgo, Bootes, and the serpent of Hydra -- and their expulsion from Eden represents the sinking of these constellations into the west due to the turning of the earth on its axis, which causes the man to return to the "dust" from whence he first came (he came up from the "dust" of the eastern horizon, and he returns to the "dust" of the western horizon after crossing the starry sky).

The "paradise" which they lost was the heavenly realm -- a fact which takes on spiritual significance when we realize that the ancient myths and ancient texts are describing our own condition in this present incarnate life, when our soul is "cast down from Eden" into the lower realm of this material universe, where we are given a physical body made out of the "lower two elements" of earth and water (that is to say, "of clay"), just as the stars each night can be seen to sink down from the heavenly realm of the upper elements and plunge into the lower realm of earth and water when they meet the western horizon. The motion of the stars illustrates profound truths about our human condition, and describes the journey of each and every human soul -- not the literal history of two distant figures who were bio-engineered by alien visitors.

Numerous previous posts and videos have gone into the celestial details of the Adam and Eve story, for example this one. The Biblical texts and their celestial foundations and possible esoteric interpretations are also explored at greater length in the previously-mentioned Star Myths of the Bible.

Many of the ancient Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian artifacts and artworks that Sitchin uses to support his literalistic narratives can also be shown to be based on constellations, further undermining his arguments. For instance, in Figures 3 and 4 on page 13 of Divine Encounters, Sitchin presents illustrations which he claims represent the ancient alien visitors creating the first Homo sapiens "through genetic engineering" by modifying an existing species of hominids which they found "roaming wildly as, and with, other beasts" (see text on page 11). The upper illustration is from ancient Mesopotamia, and the lower illustration is from ancient Egypt. In each case, the divine figure is depicted in the specific posture of the constellation Virgo, seated as if on a throne (as the outline of the constellation itself suggests), and holding the child upon her lap (in the upper illustration) or creating the figure of the man upon the potter's wheel (in the lower figure, depicting the ancient Egyptian god Khnum).

Below I have added the stars of the region of the constellation Virgo to show the constellation's distinctive "outstretched arm" -- which is marked by the star Vindemiatrix and which was anciently associated with the divine child held by the goddess Isis in ancient Egypt, and by the Virgin Mary in the scriptures of the "New" Testament:

The evidence connecting the constellation Virgo to seated figures in this specific posture and with an outstretched arm is quite abundant across the Star Myths of the world. It is also possible, and perhaps even likely, that the small figure of the human on the potter's wheel (lower image), or the child with the forelock on one side of the head (upper image), corresponds to the constellation Bootes, which can be envisioned as sitting almost upon the "lap" of the constellation Virgo. Note that the long "pipe" protruding from one side of the head of the constellation Bootes could possibly be seen as providing the celestial foundation for the "forelock" of hair depicted on only one side of the head of many of these "divine child" images from ancient mythology (across more than one ancient culture), although again this is not definitive.

What I believe can be definitely established, however, is the celestial correspondence of the figure immediately behind the seated "Virgo" figure in each of the illustrations selected by Sitchin -- a branching tree in the upper image (from ancient Mesopotamia) and the god Thoth with his stylus in the lower image (from ancient Egypt). Both of these figures correspond to the same constellation -- one which is sometimes envisioned as a branching tree, and other times as an anthropomorphic figure writing with a writing instrument (this specific constellation is discussed at length in Star Myths of the Bible, particularly in the chapters discussing the Biblical character of David, whose name corresponds to the name of the Egyptian god Thoth or Dhwty). The constellation in question is not far from Virgo or Bootes in the night sky -- and the scenes above (one from ancient Mesopotamia and one from ancient Egypt) can thus be conclusively understood to be depictions of events which are seen in the heavens, using celestial allegory, and not literal events from terrestrial history (as Sitchin would have us believe).

Many more such examples could be offered in order to show the celestial allegory at the foundation of myths which Sitchin argues represent literal descriptions of actual historical events. For example, he spends some time discussing the events in the Gilgamesh epic (or Gilgamesh cycle), arguing for literal interpretations of everything in the story (including "skyrockets" taking off from Uruk, and amorous encounters with goddesses -- who of course are actually alien beings -- in spaceships).

Once again, the entire Gilgamesh cycle can be shown to be based upon celestial metaphor, as I discuss in both Star Myths of the World, Volume One and even to some extent in my first book, The Mathisen Corollary. The pattern of the semi-divine Gilgamesh (whose mother is immortal) mourning over the death of Enkidu can be conclusively demonstrated to match the same pattern found in ancient Greek myth when the semi-divine Achilles (whose mother is also immortal) mourns the death of Patroclus -- which is also repeated in the so-called "New" Testament when Jesus mourns the death of Lazarus (see John chapters 11 and 12).

The celestial and esoteric importance of the Achilles-Patroclus, and Jesus-Lazarus, patterns are discussed in Star Myths of the World, Volume Two (which focuses almost exclusively on the mythology of ancient Greece) and in Star Myths of the World, Volume Three (Star Myths of the Bible).

See also this previous post and video about the famous Vision of Ezekiel, interpreted by Sitchin (and others before him) as a literal Biblical description of an encounter with a UFO, but which can be shown to be based upon a detailed description of the motions of the heavens and the heavenly cycles.

Literalistic mis-interpretation of ancient myth has historically been used as a form of mind control, as discussed earlier, in order to invert the uplifting message of the ancient wisdom, and to further the oppression and subjugation of some men and women by others (usually the oppression of the many by the very few). Because of this undeniable historical fact, I believe we should be very alert to the potential for misuse created by the relatively new literalistic misinterpretation of ancient myth and scripture to propagate a kind of "ancient aliens" religion.

During the first half of the year 1992, the extraordinarily insightful researcher and radio host Dave Emory (website here, and also mentioned in this previous post) delivered a remarkable lecture on the subject of UFO mania, and its potential for misuse and exploitation -- a lecture which I believe to be just as important, and just as interesting, today as when it was first given, so many years ago now. The entire lecture, entitled "The Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon and the 'ET' Myth," is available in its entirety online, under the "Lectures" section of Dave Emory's enormous body of archived material.  You can download each of the audio files, just like a podcast, by "right-clicking" (or "control-clicking") on the links on that page for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the lecture (as well as Part 4, which is Q&A).

During that lecture, among other dangers, Dave Emory highlights the history of connections between theories that humanity was "engineered" by aliens and odious racist theories going back to the first decades of the twentieth century (and even perhaps before that). He also highlights the potential for misuse of the widespread belief in the UFO "religion" for purposes of mind control and even the potential for the simulation of a return of the ancient alien gods using modern technologies such as projections and holograms and exotic (albeit human) craft.

These warnings should be taken extremely seriously, especially in light of the fact that other forms of mind control and deception, which may have worked in previous centuries and even in previous decades, are now having less impact due to the large numbers of men and women who in recent years have started waking up to the use of false flags and other deceptive practices.

Among those who are in fact waking up to such criminal deceptions, talking about false flags (such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or the USS Maine incident, or even the horrific mass-murders of September 11, 2001) is no longer taboo -- at least in some circles, if not in others. However, even among those circles where such talk is not taboo, questioning of the "UFO religion" (the "ancient alien" religion) would be a pretty sensitive and divisive subject. Therefore, it is safe to say that this widely-accepted narrative, based (as we have seen) upon an admittedly literalistic interpretation of the ancient scriptures, can still be a very potent tool (potentially) for mind control and for deception.

I am convinced that, once you begin to understand the celestial codes which the ancient myths (all around the world) are using, you will not be easily fooled by arguments such as the arguments of Sitchin in his books. It will be very obvious that many of the episodes that he is telling us represent literal visits by aliens are actually Star Myths which can be shown to be based on the motions of the celestial actors of the stars and constellations -- and which are describing truths pertaining to the Invisible Realm, the realm of the gods.

Ultimately, the gods are not technologically-advanced human-like astronauts visiting our planet using "skyrockets" from another planet in our solar system: they represent something much more incredible, and much more important to our lives here and now. And this fact points to perhaps the worst aspect of literalistic interpretations, including the literalistic interpretations of the "ancient astronaut" mis-reading of the ancient myths and scriptures: they can keep us from connecting with the Other World which is not found only in the infinite realm of the heavens above, but which is immediately accessible to us at all times, and which some would rather we learn nothing about at all.

But if we learn to listen to the ancient myths, in the language that they are actually speaking, they will tell us everything we need to know about it.

Monday, April 23, 2018

What is Myth

What is myth?

--> Is myth a form of historical record? Perhaps a "euhemerized" version of history in which historical figures are transformed over time into mythological characters, and even into gods?

--> Or, is myth a remnant of humanity's "pre-scientific" attempts to understand and explain the natural world -- resorting to superstition because "science" was beyond their grasp?

--> Or, perhaps myth is an ancient form of the "opiate of the masses" (or "opiate of the people") -- an early and effective form of "mind control" designed to enslave, oppress, and subdue using belief.

In my latest video, "What is Myth," I explore this question and endeavor to demonstrate that myth is actually none of the above -- that all of the above explanations fall terribly short of the truth, and that the answer is so much bigger and more amazing than any of them (so big, in fact, that we cannot adequately get to the bottom of what myth really is).

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bless, and curse not: How Literalism Inverts the Message of the Ancient Myths & Scriptures

If the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are conveying their message using a language of celestial metaphor, then attempting to interpret them as if they are speaking literally invites misinterpretation of their message.

In fact, I have often declared my opinion that literalistic interpretations of ancient scriptures which are not speaking literally actually invert the intended message of those ancient teachings. 

For example, in the preceding blog post, I said that:
Literalist Christianity, which inverts the esoteric message of the ancient scriptures by externalizing and "physicalizing" that message, has played an absolutely vital role (particularly in previous centuries, but continuing to play an important role to this day) in providing false justification for imperialism, feudalism, military conquest, and oppression.
In a new video, entitled "How Literalism Inverts the Message of the Ancient Myths & Scriptures," I provide some discussion and some examples which supports the assertion that literalistic attempts to interpret non-literal ancient myths not only risks missing their profound message, but can actually result in standing that message on its head, and reaching conclusions which are "180-degrees out" from the original message.

In this video, we visit the important subject of blessing versus cursing, and the emphasis placed on blessing and not cursing in the ancient scriptures of the so-called "Old" and "New" Testaments in what we call the Bible, noting that blessing versus cursing is also a central subject in other myths around the globe. We see that passages in the Bible repeatedly admonish us to bless and not to curse -- and, although outside the scope of this particular video, there are many episodes in the Biblical texts which dramatically illustrate this same lesson, such as the story of Balaam and the Ass, and the story of the Judgment of Solomon (see also the video entitled "The Blessing Mother, the Cursing Mother, the Dream and the King").

We then see how literalistic interpretations of ancient stories tends to externalize their message, which has often led in the past to conclusions that have been used to attempt to falsely justify racism, exploitation, oppression, and other forms of denying the inherent value and dignity of some men and women.

I'm convinced that this is a very important subject, because obviously "cursing" in the form of treating some people as though they are worth less than others -- which is a form of denying the divine spark which is inherently present in each and every man, woman and child and which naturally and irreversibly gives them infinite worth, such that no one is "worth less" than anyone else -- continues to this day and can be seen to inform the wars, exploitation, theft, and oppression that we see all around us right now, and which has informed imperialism, colonialism, and the enslavement of others in past centuries.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Empire of Lies

George Orwell declared: "Who controls the past controls the future."

The erasing of the past is a powerful weapon of control -- and one which is not restricted to fiction such as Nineteen Eighty Four or The Planet of the Apes (original 1967 film adaptation).

It is going on all around us, all the time. We are deliberately kept ignorant of critical truths regarding our ancient past, and of the events in the intervening centuries which have brought us to the point where we stand at this moment.

Deprivation of the knowledge of their own history renders populations unable to perceive what is actually going on in the present, and renders men and women unable to influence their future, or change its direction.

In his 2017 book J is for Junk Economics: A Guide to Reality in an Age of Deception, historian and economist Michael P. Hudson explains that history has been deliberately suppressed, and that vocabulary has been deliberately inverted in order to prevent the majority of the people from understanding what is going on.

To sketch out the thesis using extremely broad brush-strokes, Professor Hudson explains that the classical economists of the eighteenth century -- including Francois Quesnay in France and Adam Smith in Scotland -- sought "to free society from the rentier legacy of feudalism: a landlord class, predatory banking and the monopolies that bondholders convinced governments to create as means of paying off national war debts" (58 - 59). 

Feudalism in Europe was characterized by the receipt of wealth based on the labor of others, yielded up as ground rent from those who worked the land to those who owned the land, because their ancestors had conquered it (although instead of saying that this was the reason, literalist Christianity was invoked to argue that this arrangement was divinely ordained). Literalist Christianity was an essential component to the European feudal system, and in my 2014 book The Undying Stars I examine the abundant evidence that a new and virulent form of literalist Christianity was deliberately employed during the third century forward as a means of imposing such a system, in conjunction with the equally deliberate destruction of knowledge of the ancient gods and the ancient wisdom.

As Professor Hudson explains, this eighteenth- and nineteenth-century project of freeing society from the rentier legacy of feudalism gathered so much steam that by the close of the 1800s, the rentier interests, perceiving the threat, mounted a counteroffensive to contain it by teaching that there is no distinction between earned income and unearned income (rentier income), and by fraudulently co-opting the legacy of classical economists such as Adam Smith by claiming that the classical economists were seeking freedom for rentier interests (feudalism and its legacy), instead of freedom from those same feudalistic drains on the economy.

Professor Hudson writes: "Turning the tables on classical political economy, rentier interests act as plaintiffs against public regulation and taxation of their economic rents in contrast to Adam Smith and other classical liberals [ . . . ]" (167). While the classical economists (including Adam Smith) wanted an economy to be as free from rent-seeking as possible, those overturning classical economics preach "free markets" and "deregulation" in order to create markets that are free rent-seeking, monopolies, and the privatization of that which the classical economists perceived to be the gifts of nature which belong to all men and women ("the commons").

Neoliberalism, the paradigm embraced with very minor deviations by both major political parties in the united states (since at least 1980), is thus revealed by Professor Hudson to be a form of neo-feudalism, and should actually be called "anti-liberalism" or "anti-classical" economics (it is also associated with imperialism, colonialism, and neocolonialism), and its most odious and oppressive characteristics actually have nothing to do with socialism (despite what many people have been led to believe, who have never been taught about what the classical economic project of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was all about) and can in many cases be accurately described as fascistic.

Because this history has been obscured and suppressed, it is difficult for the majority of people to perceive the pattern in the momentous events which are taking place around us right now, and which continue to unfold as this is written.

However, because Professor Hudson has such a clear grasp of history, including the suppressed history of economic thought, he is uniquely able to provide insights into recent events, such as in the above interview published on April 6th entitled "The Economics behind the Skripal Poisoning" -- the written transcript of which can also be found in its entirety online here.

In that interview, Professor Hudson argues that the motivation behind the extremely suspicious Skripal incident, which was immediately blamed on Russia without any of the provisions which would be expected if "the rule of law" were actually honored the way those who like to claim that "the west" operates under the rule of law in contrast to the rest of the world, and which led to the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats by western nations including the united states, should be understood in light of the pattern of neo-feudalism described above.

Prominent British politicians declared that scientists had conclusively proven that Skripal and his daughter had been poisoned by a nerve agent more potent than the most potent nerve agent that I remember learning about during my eleven years as a regular army officer during the 1990s and early 2000s. Later, however, those politicians were embarrassed when no scientist would publicly back those definitive claims. See for example the arguments and linked evidence provided in this analysis by Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research.

As that article (and the articles it cites) points out, the official story of the details of the poisoning have changed significantly, with the nerve agent being said to have been in the daughter's luggage, then in the father's BMW, and then on the doorknob and in the vicinity of the front door to Skripal's residence -- despite the fact that the Skripals were supposedly discovered in a mall, suffering from the effects of the nerve agent.

As some of those analysts and articles point out, if the nerve agent was on the door handle and in the vicinity of the front door of their residence, there is simply no way that the Skripals could have walked (or driven) to the mall before passing out. I was in the regular army of the united states during the 1990s, and I received formal training about the effects of various chemical weapons. As anyone else who was in the united states military during those years knows, we trained extensively to be able to put on a protective chemical mask within nine seconds from the moment of receiving any type of chemical alarm (immediately closing the eyes and mouth and not breathing until the mask was on and firmly sealed), because a nerve agent acts so quickly to disrupt the signals sent by the nervous system which control the vital functions on which our body depends for life.

We were required to memorize the effects and symptoms of a nerve agent, and they are not pleasant to contemplate. They involve the loss of control by the nervous system over the beating of the heart, the activity of the lungs, the control of the bladder and bowels, and this loss of control over heart and lungs will result in rapid death unless an antidote is administered immediately. We carried auto-injectors containing such antidotes, as well as the antidote to the antidotes (because the antidotes themselves are so toxic), and learned how to administer them to ourselves and to others if necessary.

Other symptoms include vomiting and inability to control the muscles.

If the Skripals were in fact exposed to an extremely advanced nerve agent at their front door, they would not have been found slumped over on a bench in the mall.

As Professor Hudson explains in his interview:
The United States when it wants to isolate a country traditionally accuses them of chemical warfare. This goes back to George Bush's accusation that Iraq had chemical weapons of mass destruction. We know that was a lie. It goes back to Obama's claim that Russia and Assad were using chemical weapons in Syria. So I think when they say that Russia or Assad or Iraq is using weapons that's part of to generate a fear that is supposed to be met by military preparedness and defense.
He also suggests that part of the purpose is to counter resistance to calls for European countries to give more of their GDP to fund NATO -- the history of which itself deserves very close scrutiny. I would argue that in order to see the "very big picture," we must understand the ancient origins of the tyrannical feudal system in Europe, against which the classical economists were trying to struggle during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The proponents and beneficiaries of that feudal system fought back against the project of the classical economists, most especially beginning during the second half of the nineteenth century, and the descendants of the beneficiaries of feudalism continue to do so in the neoliberalism (or neo-feudalism) we see today.

Russia, as a country which actually threw off the yoke of that feudal system with its revolution in 1917 (only to fall under the sway of an even worse system, after no other European state followed their example or made a move to help them), continues to be a special target of those western feudal (and imperialist, colonialist) powers. It might be suggested that the united states also fell into that category, although the united states must now be acknowledged to be a leader among the neoliberal imperialist western states and to be a proponent of neo-feudalism rather than an opponent of it.

In the interview above, Professor Hudson suggests that the looting of the former Soviet Union, and the privatization of its public infrastructure and its abundant natural resources, was an important goal of the neoliberal west after 1989 and in the decades following.

In his definition of "imperialism" found in J is for Junk Economics (which was published long before the Skripal affair and the other events of the past days and weeks), Professor Hudson argues that because "Wars drain gold, and force mother-country governments into debt to bondholders," use of other methods is usually preferred rather than open military conflict:
Modern imperialism is largely financial. Armies are no longer needed to appropriate foreign real estate, natural resources or public infrastructure. Financial dependency makes debtor countries subject to IMF and World Bank "conditionalities" imposing austerity that forces them to pay creditors by selling off their public domain. This transfers assets to the United States and other creditor powers, while avoiding overt colonialism's expensive military overhead. US diplomats seek to consolidate American financial power by sharing gains with local client oligarchies that remain in the dollarized financial system and adopt neoliberal Washington Consensus policies. 123.
However, he goes on to say:
Pinochet-style "regime change" is mounted against countries that try to protect their political and financial independence by creating or joining rival currency blocs and banking systems (e.g., Libya and Syria). But like militarized colonialism, monetary imperialism tends to overplay its hand. When US strategists imposed trade and financial sanctions against Russia and Iran to block their steps toward monetary autonomy, the effect was to drive them together with China and other BRICS countries to break free by creating their own trading and currency clearing area. 123-124.
Obviously, the same "Pinochet-style regime change" that was being attempted against Syria when Professor Hudson was writing that previous book is still going on to this day, and last night someone carried out a chemical attack with obvious parallels to the suspicious Skripal poisoning, parallels such as an immediate rush to judgment by the western neoliberal powers, nonstop and uncritical coverage by the controlled media outlets in a full-court press, a similar refusal to provide evidence or to pause to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation, not to mention a complete lack of rational motive by the alleged perpetrators, combined with an all-too-clear motive on the part of western powers in inflaming public opinion and justifying continued steps to gain access to the real estate, natural resources, and public infrastructure of the targeted country -- including military strikes or even invasion, if necessary.

What should be understood, but what is very difficult to understand when history has been deliberately suppressed, obscured, and altered, is that these latest developments are part of an extremely large and centuries-long pattern of imperialism and exploitation, stretching back at least to the adoption of literalist Christianity in the Roman Empire during the time of Constantine and his successors.

Literalist Christianity, which inverts the esoteric message of the ancient scriptures by externalizing and "physicalizing" that message, has played an absolutely vital role (particularly in previous centuries, but continuing to play an important role to this day) in providing false justification for imperialism, feudalism, military conquest, and oppression. Now, however, its influence diminished, literalist interpretation of ancient scripture is not enough to automatically guarantee support for military conquest abroad and austerity and neo-feudalism at home -- necessitating new mechanisms of manufacturing consensus or at least consent, including lies about chemical weapons.

All of these deceptions, however, are now wearing thin. The empire of deception is losing its ability to veil its crimes behind lies and platitudes, even with the full support of a complicit media.

As in the first film adaptation of the Planet of the Apes, at some point the evidence becomes so obvious that even Cornelius and Zira can see its implications, try as they might to "look the other way" and ignore those implications for as long as they can.

As we come to understand the past that has been hidden from us, this centuries-old Empire of Lies will be exposed. Those conspiring with that empire against the ancient wisdom given to all cultures of humanity should turn from collaborating against the gods and instead choose the course that lifts up  and elevates mankind -- every individual man, woman and child -- instead of trying to put them down to benefit just a few.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice"

image: Wikimedia commons (link).

On this day fifty years ago, on Thursday the 4th of April, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was brutally murdered.

He was murdered one year to the day after giving his historic speech entitled "Beyond Vietnam," delivered on Tuesday the 4th of April, 1967. You can hear the speech in a video here.

There can be little doubt that the selection of this date for his assassination was deliberate.

On December 8th, 1999, a jury reached a unanimous verdict in a civil trial which commenced on November 15 of that same year. The unanimous verdict was that certain parties, including governmental agencies, participated in a conspiracy to murder Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The entire transcript of this momentous and tremendously important trial can be read online here. The evidence that is presented in the 2,735 pages of that historic document is absolutely shocking. Every man and woman around the world should take the time to become aware of what was revealed in that trial. 

Additional transcripts and interviews of witnesses, as well as other post-trial evidence and analysis, can be found in the 2016 book by the attorney for the King Family in that case (who spent decades researching and investigating the case), Dr. William F. Pepper, Esquire, entitled The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

As William Pepper explains in one summary of what he calls "the broader conspiracy":
the conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King, Jr. extended well beyond Memphis, Tennessee, and, in fact, reached into the echelons of power at the nation's capitol. 179.
The extent of the operation, which included the deployment of military surveillance units, sniper units, photographers, and federal task forces, in addition to other official agencies below the federal level (including law enforcement) is staggering. The evidence of a well-coordinated cover-up, which included the murder of eye-witnesses after the assassination itself, is also stomach-turning.

Equally staggering are the implications of that multi-level conspiracy to murder Dr. King, and of the coordinated and ruthless cover-up.

If one takes the time to think about what this evidence means, the implications are enormous, for every man and woman on the planet (not only in the united states).

Just as revealing is the astonishing lack of attention that this evidence -- presented in a court and declared by unanimous decision to indicate a conspiracy by governmental agencies to kill Martin Luther King, Jr. -- has received in the eighteen years since that verdict was reached. 

To this day, the majority of the people of the united states are completely unaware of the evidence which came to light in that trial. The annual commemorations of the life and death of Martin Luther King, Jr. continue to repeat the standard narrative which blames the assassination on patsy James Earl Ray, despite the fact that the evidence presented in the trial, and additional evidence and confessions which came to light after the trial -- as well as the unanimous verdict of the trial itself -- completely demolishes the standard or "official" narrative. 

All of this evidence -- and the verdict itself -- are conveniently and deliberately ignored by the media. This fact is evidence of yet another conspiracy: the control of the media. The evidence for the control of the media -- and the willingness of the media to participate in what can only be labeled as outright propaganda -- is made completely clear by this case of the murder of Dr. King, and the persistent refusal of the media to report on the evidence from a case that took place in 1999 which absolutely destroys the narrative which the media continue to obediently present to the public.

Dr. William Pepper, the attorney who represented the King Family in the 1999 trial, explained how the media actively began suppressing and "spinning" the result of the trial almost as soon as the verdict was reached:
Within twenty-four hours, the mighty Wurlitzer of the powerful private and public interests involved was in full volume. Analytical pieces suddenly appeared criticizing the judge, the defense counsel, and the jury. The trial was diminished in importance, and journalists blandly asserted that nothing had changed. To counter the inevitable spins, the closing arguments and the summary of the plaintiffs' case went up on the website of the King Center (, and arrangements were made to put the entire transcript on the site. 
A leading publicist of the government's position and the official line, Gerald Posner, was everywhere at once. On one television show after another and with a nationally syndicated op piece, he insisted that the King family had been duped and that the trial was a farce. I was able to publish a strong rebuttal of his banal generalizations only in the Washington Post. The New York Times allowed me two hundred words to respond to a one-thousand-word piece by a former US attorney general.
What was ludicrous about all of the criticism was that none of the critics had attended the trial or heard the evidence. Of all the media professionals commenting on the case, only Wendell Stacey, the local Memphis anchorman, at the risk of his job, attended court every day. At the end, he repeatedly said he was totally convinced that the jury was right and that he had never been so ashamed of his profession.
Though the lockstep media conformity was expected by all of us, it was nevertheless sad to see it at work again. In the end, the predictable performance of the media had been heralded by the testimony of William Schapp [sic, although spelled "Schaap" in the court transcript linked above] as he laid out the practice of government manipulation and the use of media for propaganda purposes. The King assassination and the search for the truth were a national security matter, and as such the mass and reputable fringe media would be effectively controlled in all aspects of coverage. 208.
You can read the court testimony of William Schaap for yourself, beginning on page 1,558 of the linked transcript above. Mr. Schaap's credentials are presented for the court record on page 1,559 and include being a practicing lawyer and graduate of University of Chicago Law School, practicing law since 1964, specializing since the 1970s in military law, practicing military law in Asia and Europe and serving as editor in chief of the Military Law Reporter in Washington, as well as acting as staff counsel for the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City, and as a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of CUNY.

William Pepper summarizes some of what William Schaap revealed in his testimony: 
Half a day was occupied with the testimony of attorney William Schaap, who we qualified as an expert on government use of the media for disinformation and propaganda purposes. After providing the jury with a survey of these practices by governments throughout history in a detailed question and answer exchange, Schaap introduced the court to these practices of the United States government in other cases, or issues, where intelligence and/or national security interest were believed to be involved. A number of examples were cited. One, for example, involved a CIA propaganda story that was spread all over the world and widely believed for four years [ . . . ]. In fact none of the above was true. The story was revealed by the agent who promulgated it to be false and to have been totally concocted at the CIA station in Zaire and disseminated through the extensive worldwide agency network. Schaap revealed that his research clearly indicated that the agency alone -- not to mention its counterparts in the rest of the American intelligence community -- owned or controlled some 2,500 media entities all over the world. In addition, it had its people, ranging from stringers to highly viable journalists and editors, in virtually every major media organization. As we had seen and were indeed experiencing every day of the trial, this inevitably resulted in the suppression or distortion of sensitive stories and the planting and dissemination of disinformation. 185 - 186.
Everyone should take the time to read that summary several times until its implications can be absorbed. Indeed, it might even be best to copy it out by hand, in order to prevent the brain from skimming over it in order to avoid the implications of what is being explained. Then, take the time to read Mr. Schaap's testimony in the 1999 trial. The fact that the media has completely suppressed and refused to report on the evidence presented in that trial, and the verdict that was reached, is very powerful evidence indeed that exactly what is being alleged above ("the suppression or distortion of sensitive stories and the planting and dissemination of disinformation") is taking place to this day.

Nevertheless, the majority of the men and women in the united states (and perhaps in other countries as well) continue to believe that nothing is true unless it is repeated to them by the authority-figures in the media.

I highly recommend that everyone who has not yet done so also take the time to listen to some of the interviews that Dr. William Pepper has given since the publication of the above-linked book, which are available on YouTube and on numerous podcasts. Two of those are linked in this previous post. Others can be found by searching for William Pepper on YouTube or on podcast directories such as iTunes and others.

In his speech "Beyond Vietnam," delivered on this day fifty-one years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King said these famous words, which point to the reason that he titled the speech beyond Vietnam, because the issues he addressed went even beyond the issue of that particular war:
There is something seductively tempting about stopping there and sending us all off on what in some circles has become a popular crusade against the war in Vietnam. I say we must enter that struggle, but I wish to go on now to say something even more disturbing. The war in Vietnam is but a symptom of a far deeper malady within the American spirit, and if we ignore this sobering reality we will find ourselves organizing clergy and laymen-concerned committees for the next generation. [. . . ] 
In 1957 a sensitive American official overseas said that it seemed to him that our nation was on the wrong side of a world revolution. During the past 10 years we have seen emerge a pattern of suppression which has now justified the presence of US military "advisors" in Venezuela. This need to maintain social stability for our investments accounts for the counter-revolutionary action of American forces in Guatemala. [ . . . ]
I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.
A true revolution of value will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies.
Fifty-one years later, we can all see how perceptive Dr. King's words were in that speech delivered in 1967, and how applicable they remain to this day (in part because Martin Luther King was deliberately silenced by forces who did not want that "far deeper malady within the American spirit" to be addressed in the way that Dr. King was addressing it).

One day after the verdict was delivered on December the 8th, 1999, the late Coretta Scott King and her children gave statements regarding the momentous trial and the evidence that was presented and the decision that was reached. Their statements deserve to be read in full, not only for their own sake but also because the controlled media has been allowed to use all its considerable powers to try to drown out the real message of what that verdict and that trial really tell us. 

Coretta Scott King and her children gave their statements regarding the message of that trial and the evidence it presented and the verdict that was delivered. Trasncripts of those statements can be found, in their entirety, online here.

Coretta Scott King said, in part:
As we pursued this case, some wondered why we would spend the time and energy addressing such a painful part of the past. For both our family and the nation, the short answer is that we had to get involved because the system did not work. Those who are responsible for the assassination were not held to account for their involvement. This verdict, therefore, is a great victory for justice and truth. It has been a difficult and painful experience to revisit this tragedy, but we felt we had an obligation to do everything in tour power to seek the truth. Not only for the peace of mind of our family but also bring closure and healing to the nation. We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.
She also said:
My husband once said, "The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice."
Those who continue to suppress the truth of what took place on this day in 1968 -- and to suppress the truths that came to light in the 1999 trial -- are placing themselves on the wrong side of that moral arc of the universe, and on the wrong side of the justice of which Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King spoke and for which they fought.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (and many others) fearlessly pursued aggressive nonviolent action in service to justice and truth and the inherent human dignity possessed as a birthright by each and every man, woman and child. It is our responsibility to continue their struggle, knowing that these principles are indeed aligned with the justice which originates from a realm beyond this material realm, and that this justice cannot be delayed forever.

image: Wikimedia commons (link).